Sanaa Lathan Gets Bossy Featured

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The actress dishes on working on the Starz hit series Boss

These days a lot of people enjoy pretending to be a boss, but Sanaa Lathan actually gets paid to play the role. Her new gig as “Mona Fredricks” on the Kelsey Grammer-helmed Starz series, Boss, is one of her most powerful to date. We caught up with Lathan to get her take on her character and why she loves working on the second season of the critically-acclaimed series, which premiered on Starz on Aug. 17. —J.H.

Tell us about your character, Mona.
Mona grew up on the south side of Chicago. She’s very passionate about this project, Life Garden which is based loosely on Cabrini-Green [Projects]. [Mayor Tom Kane, played by Kelsey Grammer] and his associates want to redevelop and and gentrify it and she’s very passionate about the community that is there and doesn’t want them to be neglected through this process. Her whole objective is to save these people and to make sure that they are not forgotten and are taken care of.

How does she get caught up in this new world?
She presents that to Kane and he is kind of taken with her and hires her. Through this process he becomes more intrigued and more obsessed with her family life than is appropriate for work.

Was there anything new that you had to get in touch with for this role?
I’ve never played a politician or anybody in that world. It’s so well written and she’s such a passionate character I was able to tap into that. She’s so passionate about her community, I was able to tap into that. It was a fun challenge. For me, it’s all about the material and this material is some of the best. I feel like Kelsey is one of the best actors I’ve ever gotten to work with. The writing is so well done and well thought out, there are so many layers, it’s exciting to work on this.

If you had to describe Boss in three words, what would they be?
Thrilling, intense and hot.

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