Upscale Celebrates April Style Issue with Kandi Burruss

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On April 5th, Upscale hosted a private screening of the premier episode of Bravo TV’s new series starring Kandi Burruss, The Kandi Factory. The star-studded night was also an exclusive celebration of Upscale’s April Style Issue. ‬‬


‪Hosted by Kandi, the soiree brought out some of Kandi’s closest celebrity friends and supporters including, Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s Rasheeda, former Destiny’s Child member, LaTavia Roberson, R&B Divas stars, Keke Wyatt and Nicci Gilbert, singer/actress Demetria McKinney (The Rickey Smiley Show) and Nadine Ellis (Let’s Stay Together). The cast of The Kandi Factory—‬Victor Jackson (choreographer), Kwame Waters (stylist) and DonVito and Selasi (producers)—was also there to celebrate the star’s latest endeavor, as well as ‪her daughter Riley, mother Joyce Jones and fiancé Todd Tucker. ‬‬‬

See exclusive images of the event below by Michael A. Chester



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