Diddy gets back on track with a new album and image.

Written by  Isoul H. Harris

Sean “Diddy” Combs is a force of nature. Since the early ’90s, he’s chanted “I won’t stop” and he, umm…hasn’t. Now, he’s back this month with his sixth studio album, the much-hyped Last Train to Paris, which he recorded with his group Dirty Money (with singer/songwriters Kaleena Harper and ex-Danity Kane member Dawn Richards).

The Sean John CEO and brand innovator describes the album—featuring guest appearances from Drake, T.I. and Jay-Z—as “electro-hip-hop-soul-funk” and warns that it’s for the adventurous. “The album is pushing the envelope, it’s something fresh and something new,” he’s said. And the public seems to like it as evidenced by the hit, Billboard Hot 100 singles, “Loving You No More” and “Hello Good Morning.” Whether his life imitates art or vice versa, Diddy always manages to keep it interesting.

KICKING IT: P. Diddy is making moves to buy the underperforming, cash-strapped Crystal Palace soccer team in London. If the Combs goes through with the $550 million purchase, he will be the first African-American to own an English soccer team.

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