From stylish new cars to the return of stately SUVs, there's a match on the market for every driver

Written by  Kym Allison Backer and Nina Hemphill Reeder

1. Lincoln MKT

The features of the MKT can go pound for pound with its MSRP of $44,200. Responsive handling, a standard panoramic vista roof and an Active Park Assist system blend harmoniously with touches like adjustable pedals, third-row seating, leather and genuine wood interior décor. The competitive 17 city, 23 highway mpg will feel like a bonus.



2. Cadillac CTS-V Coupe
Part of an already popular line, the new 2011 CTS-V Coupe (MSRP $63,465; 18 city, 27 highway mpg) zooms in at a spectacular 556 hp that promises to compete with much higher price tags. Sleek lines, unbroken by recessed handles, curve into a high back, while a plush interior with French stitching ensures that the coupe is debut ready.


3. Bentley Continental GT
You'll appreciate Bentley's "angel wings" when you slide into the mind-altering, plush haven that is the Continental GT (MSRP $182,800; 10 city, 17 highway mpg)—courtesy of the rich, hand-stitched leather and hand-polished woods, powerful 552-hp engine and assorted touches that include a SIM card reader. Haven? Heaven.


4. BMW Active Hybrid X6
It's still an eye-catching design that you either love or love to hate, but whichever side of the fence you're on, you probably agree that $88,900 is a pretty hefty price tag for an SUV—one that clocks fuel economy at 17 city, 19 highway mpg, far below many segment competitors. What the X6 does offer is power: 480 hp, to be exact, so while you may stop to refuel long before your competitors, you'll be so far ahead of them that it won't matter.


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