Written by  Bernard Bronner

Upscale is proud to receive a special industry award from the American Health and Beauty Aids Institute. This award signifies our commitment to our readers. Note: I do not believe you should support a company just because it is black owned. You should support the companies that make the best products at the best prices and give the best service while working hard to support their community, and that happen to be black owned.

In 2012, regardless of what the economy does, upscale will increase hiring and increase our support of those organizations that work hard for us. I want to set a great example and be a role model for other black-owned companies to follow. We are our responsibility. upscale will continue to work hard to earn your support so we can support others. We understand that a community is no better than the people who live in it. We are an upscale people destined for greatness. The more people we can get to read upscale and magazines like it, the better off we all will become.

In this issue, we are celebrating wellness. We spoke with real-life fitness enthusiasts to see how they maintain a fit and balanced lifestyle (“Fit Club,” page 48). We have words from a certified life coach that speaks on living life by design rather than by default (“Life by Design,” page 38). Finally, we spoke to the legendary Dick Gregory about being fit for life (“Greener Pastures,” page 84). Not only did he change his life, but he also changed the lives of many, and that’s what upscale wants to do. We are bringing you the change we want to see in the world: a heathier, stronger, wiser community.

Become the change you want to see in you.

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