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Saturday, 08 January 2011 15:42

Corporate Diversity

In corporate America, infusing diversity into an organization can take skill. Meet some of the country’s top African-American fashion and beauty executives, who use their skills to develop and oversee unique programs in their ongoing quest to include more minorities in the workplace.

L’Oréal, USA | Vice President, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

JOB HIGHLIGHT: Ensures that the Multicultural Advertising, Supplier Diversity and Human Resources departments, among others, are consistently inclusive of all minorities.
“The type of diversity and inclusion that we do here is a necessary tool toward innovation. When our teams are diverse, including varying cultural backgrounds, we have the best opportunity to come up with the best strategies and products to fit the needs for consumers around the world.”

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Tuesday, 28 December 2010 00:04

Gorgeously Gothic


Dramatic black lips may work if you are strutting down the catwalk, but translating this trend to everyday woman may require more convincing.

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Silver Belle

The holiday’s glammed-up clutches pay homage to Bergman’s Casablanca nights of Old World elegance and newfound love.

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Tuesday, 28 December 2010 00:04

Get ritzy with the rinse cycle.

Soak It Up

With a boudoir full of bras, garters and lacy boy shorts, you know just how to preserve your sexy underneath it all, but gentle treatment is required if you want those delicates to last.

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