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10 Questions for Romany Malco

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He may be known as for his comedic roles in films like 40 Year Old Virgin and Baby Mama and television shows like Weeds and FX’s racy adult cartoon, Unsupervised, but there’s more to Romany Malco than you thought. This May, he’ll star alongside Kate Hudson in the tearjerker A Little Bit of Heaven. He also has a new show in conjunction with Google and Alchemy Network, Romany Meets His Friends, where on any given Saturday, he will land in a city and he has to contact the people in his social network within an hour.

We dig a little deeper with 10 questions for the Think Like a Man cutie, and find out what’s really on his mind.

Mary Mary

A lot of fans were shocked to hear that gospel singing group Mary Mary were planning to do a reality show. After all, the Grammy Award winners seem too grounded to engage in the tomfoolery that is reality television. But their self-titled show, although drama filled, remains something that the entire family can easily watch. The first episode finds the sisters struggling to strike a balance between career and family as they are called away from their L.A. homes to do a Thanksgiving show in Atlanta. A teary-eyed Tina has to miss her daughter’s first school performance because of it and wonders if her career is worth missing out on her family, while pregnant Erica’s dedication to work starts to cause problems (and contractions). All the while, they are dealing with their wild, sometimes tardy stylist and little sister, Goo, and their extra-anal manager, Michael. As Tina and Erica navigate their way through tough career choices, motherhood and their wifely responsibilities, it’s clear that reality TV just got a little bit more realistic.

The show will begin airing March 29 on WE TV.

Red Tails

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Red Tails is the action-packed story of the Tuskegee Airmen Training Program brought to life. With an all-star cast (Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrence Howard, Tristan Wilds, Ne-Yo, Method Man, Nate Parker), this film takes you through the unforgettable journey of the African-American pilots who broke barriers and fought segregation to protect their country. Written by John Ridley and Aaron McGruder ( The Boondocks ) and produced by George Lucas ( Star Wars ). In theaters now.


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