Must-See TV: 3 New Shows You Should Be Watching Featured

Written by  Jacinta Howard

Mary Mary

A lot of fans were shocked to hear that gospel singing group Mary Mary were planning to do a reality show. After all, the Grammy Award winners seem too grounded to engage in the tomfoolery that is reality television. But their self-titled show, although drama filled, remains something that the entire family can easily watch. The first episode finds the sisters struggling to strike a balance between career and family as they are called away from their L.A. homes to do a Thanksgiving show in Atlanta. A teary-eyed Tina has to miss her daughter’s first school performance because of it and wonders if her career is worth missing out on her family, while pregnant Erica’s dedication to work starts to cause problems (and contractions). All the while, they are dealing with their wild, sometimes tardy stylist and little sister, Goo, and their extra-anal manager, Michael. As Tina and Erica navigate their way through tough career choices, motherhood and their wifely responsibilities, it’s clear that reality TV just got a little bit more realistic.

The show will begin airing March 29 on WE TV.


Doc McStuffins

Been wondering where all of the black animated characters are on cable television? Well, the Disney Channel just answered the call with Doc McStuffins, featuring the first black female to headline her own preschool series. The show centers around six-year-old pig-tailed Doc McStuffins, who communicates with and heals stuffed animals and toys out of her backyard playhouse clinic. Featuring lessons about how to be healthy and take care of yourself, the show features the voice of Loretta Divine as Hallie the Hippo, Doc’s sidekick nurse.

The show is currently airing on the Disney Channel.


Kerry Washington stars in the new thriller based loosely on the life of George H.W. Bush press aide Judy Smith. The show, created by Shondra Rimes (Grey’s Anatomy), centers on the fictional Olivia Pope as she tries to begin a new chapter of her life after stepping down from her White House post. The anticipated drama also features Columbus Short as Harrison Wright, a smooth litigator.

The show has received a seven-episode run and will begin airing April 5 on ABC.

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