Black and Right

Written by  Bernard Bronner


It’s been 22 years since the first issue of upscale, and much has changed. I remember upscale being known as the successful black magazine. I eventually banned the word black from upscale because it had such a bad connotation—a black cat was unlucky, Black Monday was terrible for Wall Street, a black sheep was the worst person in the family, buying goods on the black market was illegal, black diamond was the most dangerous trail on the ski slope, the black hole no one escapes, and the list goes on. In 2011, things are different, and I am black and I am
proud. Black means power now. One of the most powerful political leaders in the world is black. Some of the top corporate leaders are black. Blacks have always dominated basketball, football and boxing, and now tennis and golf can be added to that list. Black Friday is the best shopping day of the year. Some of the most powerful people in entertainment are black and star in movies like Men in Black. Black is cool. Black has swag. Black is hot.

I love using one of my black cards to buy things. I love driving one of my black cars. Black is now my favorite color. Now I understand James Brown saying, “Say it loud! I’m black and I’m proud!” Now I understand many rappers saying everything they have is black. Now that the glass ceiling has been broken, we are ready to soar to new heights. We, too, are soaring. We started last year with a redesign of the book you hold in your hands. At the start of the year, we introduced a totally upgraded and revamped website, and we are not done yet. The new upscale will inspire, motivate and empower every issue. upscale will feature a different celebrity editor and special empowerment editor every month. upscale will inform, educate and entertain you by bringing you the best writers in the world. upscale is committed to profiling success in our community.

Help us help all of us by giving the gift of upscale to everybody who needs it. Go online to and subscribe today. And remember, upscale is what successful people read.


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