Two office teams take our get fit challenge.

Written by  Nina Hemphill Reeder

In this year’s fitness challenge, we set out to demonstrate that maintaining the suggested health guidelines (2.5 hours a week of exercise and a low-fat, high-nutrient diet) was possible for full-time working professionals—even in a busy office.

We enlisted two workplace teams, each with five members: the Atlanta office of international consulting and accounting firm Ernst &Young and the Decatur, Ga., recruitment office of Everest, a national health care, business and technical college. Each team member was given a personalized diet plan and nutrition counseling, and through the course of the 14-week challenge, each team worked out with its own personal trainer. In addition to competing for pounds and inches lost, both teams went head to head in the Competitive Edge Sports obstacle course workout for us to discover who would be the Fittest Office!




Pick up the January 2011 issue (on stands now) to see how much weight each team lost.

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